20th February 2018

A Journalist looks back: Sam Lipski, Australia, and the Soviet Union

Members Lunch with Sam Lipski AM

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22nd February 2018

MF Imbibo


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27th February 2018

Membership Renewal 2018

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28th February 2018

How do we create a better Australia?

Members Lunch with Ralph Ashton

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2nd March 2018

How can Impact investing unlock Australias private capital to solve society’s most pressing challenges?

Members Lunch with Rosemary Addis

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4th March 2018

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Cultural Life Series

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7th March 2018

Is Australia ready to be a winner in the 21st century?

Members Lunch with Professor Hugh Bradlow

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14th March 2018

What’s nearly twice as fast and twice as high?  INLAND RAIL!

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15th March 2018

The Demise of the Gatekeeper - is the Era of the Mass Media coming to a Welcome End?

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23rd March 2018

The food waste warrior

Members Lunch with Katy Barfield

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29th March 2018

MF Imbibo

Loop Roof Cocktail Bar and Garden

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Melbourne Forum AGM

Professor Andrea Hull AO

12th January 2018

Welcome to the second AGM of 2017 to satisfy the financial reporting period of January through to June 2017. As wonderful as it has been having two AGMs this year, I am sure you will all be happy that our next AGM will be in November 2018!




3.Minutes of the AGM May 2017 be accepted Moved, Seconded Motion Carried

4. Chairs Report

5. Financial Report

6. Election of Directors

7. Other Business

2017 has been another successful year. Without repeating the achievements outlined in the May report we’ve retained membership at around 200 including 31 new members; continue to be informed by the excellent survey undertaken by James Garriock of Insync; conducted with the Board and EY’s pro bono help a “For Purpose” workshop; conducted 70 events with 1,263 attendances and welcomed outstanding speakers such as Gareth Evans AC, QC, Sir Rod Eddington AO, Jane den Hollander AO and Prof Kate Auty, and we introduced a new Members Dinner series.

Speakers who subsequently joined as members include Rachael Beesley, Kane Thornton, Dr Meredith Doig OAM, Jason Ball, Paul Coughlin, Prof Kate Auty, John Merrit and Mark Liebler AC.

Our first study tour in August arose from Kirsty Sword Gusmao AO’s lunchtime talk. 8 of our members had a privileged insight into contemporary issues and challenges facing Timor Leste, and also raised over $25,000 for the scholarship program of the Xanana Gusmao Reading Room.

As a membership driven club the program can only be as strong as membership input. We welcome suggestions and follow up action. The curating of the Program rests with the Program Committee which has been ably chaired by Anthea Hancocks, (who retires) and includes Sally Arnold, Pam Creed, Tony Walker, Dr Helen Sykes AM, Alicia Darvall, Ian Dunn, David Gould, Michael Liffman, Rob Pradolin and Martin Sheppard.

Like all start-ups, the Governance of Melbourne Forum has moved from a more organic phase to one with more policy and operational frameworks. A number of our retiring members have made an outstanding contribution in this regard. Co-Deputy Chair Janice Van Reyk and Treasurer and Public Officer Jan West AM and Secretary Michelle Quigley QC. Jan has steered us through an upgrade in our reporting and payment systems, a change in the financial reporting calendar, and together with Janice has facilitated a number of relevant policy drafts. Laura Conti and Mark Anderson have assisted them as members of the Finance Committee.

The Communications Committee chaired by Mark Avery has commenced planning for our 10th Anniversary Celebrations.  Members include Lisa Bowman, Simon Savage, Robynne Berg, Ros Marsden, Barbara Sharp, Melanie Wilkinson and Vas Kotos.

The membership Committee has been under new leadership in James Macneil, and supported by Michelle Quigley QC, Andrew Stops, Chris Kotur, Jane Brockington, Dianne Jacobs, Fiona Fernandes, and Paul Cochrane.

All our Committee and Board members contribute energy and expertise and on behalf of us all my profound thanks to you all.

5. Financial Report

I would now ask you to review the Statement of Income and Expenditure for the period ended 30 June 2017 prepared by the Treasurer in consultation with the Finance and Risk Committee. Moved: Seconded: Motion carried.

6. Election

Our gratitude goes to the retiring Treasurer and Public Officer Jan West AM, co-deputy chair Janice van Reyk, Secretary Michelle Quiqley QC and Program Committee Chair Anthea Hancocks.

In accordance with our constitution we announced our AGM with 28 days’ notice and called for nominations for Directors to fill these four positions. I am delighted that four members of the Melbourne Forum, Dr Helen Sykes AM, Justin Bokor, Alicia Darvall and James Garriock raised their hands to fill these positions. As we have the same number of nominations as vacancies, I have much pleasure in declaring that Helen, Justin, Alicia and James are elected.  They will be joining myself, James Macneil, Mark Avery, Lisa Bowman, Michael Henry AM, Michael Liffman, Simon Savage and Andrew Stops to complete the 2018 Board of Directors.

7. Other Business

We now move to the final item on the agenda which is any general business. Our deep thanks to our Executive Officer Lyndall Tennant. She is multi-talented, multi-tasking and simply quite brilliant at all she does for us all and Melbourne Forum.

I am delighted to have been your Chair for 2017.

Noting that there were no requests for any matters of general business to discuss, I officially close the 2017 annual general meeting and invite you to partake in a beverage and conversation.

Professor Andrea Hull AO