22nd May 2018

Consequences of crime

Members Lunch with Greg Davies APM

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23rd May 2018

The Aesthetics of Renewable Energy

Members Dinner with Robert Ferry and Elizabeth Monoian

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28th May 2018

Becoming an Australian


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31st May 2018

MF Imbibo

Lustre Bar

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4th June 2018

Will space be Australias next big economic growth sector

Dr Megan Clark AC

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5th June 2018

Detoxing democracy: How government by the people can heal our dying democracy  

Members Drinks with Nicholas Gruen

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12th June 2018

A spirited entrepreneur

Members Lunch with David Vitale

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18th June 2018

Diversity among the Australian Muslim communities 

Members Lunch with Nail Aykan

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28th June 2018

MF Imbibo

Bar Tini

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26th July 2018

MF Imbibo

Boilermaker House

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