What is The Melbourne Forum?

The Melbourne Forum is a place for a diverse range of people to discuss social, economic, cultural, political and public policy issues of relevance to Melbourne.

Melbourne Forum is an eclectic group of people, passionate about life in “Marvelous Melbourne”, who meet regularly in an informal social setting to discuss the current issues of relevance to not only our own city but also our nation and the world at large.  We are proud of our diverse membership base, which we draw from the many different threads that make up the rich tapestry of our wonderful city.  Our members are people of integrity, good character and reputation.

What will The Melbourne Forum provide to members?

An opportunity of open discussion for members in line with the principles of the Forum.

While the emphasis is on member participation, there is also a series of presentations by relevant individuals to push members' thinking on topical issues.

A regular place to enjoy good food, wine and company where members can casually meet other members of the Forum to have discussions around a general theme of the development of ideas and Melbourne.

An inclusionary philosophy where members and ideas are welcomed, and structure and formality discouraged.

Ultimately to provide a "base" for members, to catch up with events, spend time between meetings, or just get away from the office/home for a while.