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23rd November 2017 , 12:30pm - 2:00pm

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Staying Optimistic in a Dangerous and Dysfunctional World

Prof the Hon Gareth Evans AC QC

23rd November 2017

With everything that is going wrong in the world – and in the quality of Australian government and politics – is there any reason to hope or expect that we can do any better?  Gareth Evans will discuss the main themes of his recently published political memoir, Incorrigible Optimist  (Melbourne University Press),  explaining why it is, despite multiple disappointments, he continues to believe that a safer, saner and more decent world is achievable, and why, for all its frustrations, politics remains an indispensable profession not only for megalomaniacs but idealists.

Professor the Hon Gareth Evans AC QC was a Cabinet Minister throughout the Hawke-Keating governments from 1983-1996, served as President and CEO of the Brussels-based International Crisis Group from 2000 to 2009, has been Chancellor of the Australian National University since 2010, has written or edited thirteen books, and has received many honours and awards for his contributions to national and international public policy.


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