- Members' Lunch with Dr Adam Bandt MP

Why can't we plan for a clean economy?

- Members' Lunch with Dr Adam Bandt MP
3rd July 2014

When faced with the global financial crisis, the world responded within weeks. But with a climate emergency upon us, global action remains elusive, even after decades of negotiations. While Germany decouples fossil fuels from economic growth, Australia undoes modest climate reforms. With our natural, intellectual and manufacturing resources, why is it so hard to make Australia a clean energy powerhouse?

Adam Bandt is a Greens MP and the Federal Member for Melbourne. He was elected in 2010 when he made history by becoming the first Greens MP elected to the House of Representatives at a general election and was subsequently re-elected in 2013 with an increased vote.

Adam was elected Deputy Leader in April 2012 and is the federal Greens spokesperson on industrial relations, banking, science and industry.  He was also participant in former the government’s Multi-Party Committee on Climate Change which put in place the Clean Energy Act.

Since being elected to Parliament he has successfully moved motions on marriage equality and condemning the government’s refugee deal with Malaysia. He has introduced legislation on protecting the Alpine National Park, banking reform, banning live animal exports and Parliamentary approval for sending troops overseas.  Adam’s Bill to compensate fire fighters with cancer passed both houses in November 2012 and his Equal Marriage Bill is currently before a house committee.

Adam received undergraduate Law/Arts Honours degrees at Murdoch University, where he won the Sir Ronald Wilson Prize for Academic Achievement and he completed a PhD at Monash University in 2008.

His thesis looked at the recent trend of governments suspending basic human rights in areas such as migration, workplace relations and criminal law. He has written articles for many publications and has taught industrial relations law at RMIT.

For many years he worked at the labour law firm Slater & Gordon. Where he became a partner in the industrial and public interest unit, the same job Prime Minister Julia Gillard used to have. He is now a barrister who specialises in the field of industrial, employment and public interest law.

Adam has represented many unions and low paid workers and has worked on cases involving freedom of speech and implementation of international covenants into Australian law.

Adam lives in Flemington with his partner Claudia and their two dogs.


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