Professor Hugh White

Annual Dinner 2012

Professor Hugh White
11th July 2011

Prof Hugh White, Australian National University on the topic: Momentous Choices: America, China and Australia in the Asian Century.

The rise of China is already the biggest shift in national power since Australia was founded, and it may get bigger yet.  The question is not whether this will change Australia's place in the world, but how we manage those changes.  Much will depend on what Washington does, and on what we can do to shape their approach to China. We have never faced a foreign-policy challenge so important, or so difficult.

Hugh White is Professor of Strategic Studies at the Australian National University and a Visiting Fellow at the Lowy Institute for International Policy. Since 1980 he has worked on strategic, defence and foreign policy issues in several different roles including as an intelligence analyst, journalist, ministerial adviser, departmental official, think tanker and academic. He was the principal author of Australia’s 2000 Defence White Paper. His recent publications include Power Shift: Australia’s Future between Washington and Beijing published as a Quarterly Essay in September 2010, and The China Choice: Why America should share power, published by Black Inc in August 2012.  In the 1970s he studied philosophy at Melbourne and Oxford Universities.


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11th July 2011, 8:00pm - 11:00pm

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