Former Premier John Cain, Luca Belgiorno-Nettis with host, John Ridley


Former Premier John Cain, Luca Belgiorno-Nettis with host, John Ridley
24th May 2017

Are citizen juries the answer to re-building confidence in politics?

Join Former Premier John Cain and Luca Belgiorno-Nettis with host, John Ridleyas they dissect what has become a hot-button issue for our country.

Citizen juries are panels of various sizes selected by ballot to address and resolve specific issues, as was done in ancient Greek and Roman times. Such ‘juries’ are being used more in Australia to tap into informed community feedback on specific issues. Melbourne City Council recently used a jury to help inform its budget process. 

Can such juries complement or even replace parliamentary democracy?

• Luca Belgiorno-Nettis is a leading advocate of citizen juries and with Nick Greiner and others started ‘New Democracy’ to "discover, develop, demonstrate, and popularise complementary alternatives which will restore trust in public decision making”, including citizen jury processes.

• Former Premier John Cain is an authority on and strong advocate for parliamentary democracy.

• John Ridley will host this fascinating debate with Luca and John on the future shape of our democracy.

Join us to discuss how we all can contribute to improving our political leadership.


Venue: Beer DeLuxe

Fed Square, Melbourne

24th May 2017, 5:15pm - 7:00pm

Tickets: $33.00

Ticket Price includes GST

Bookings Close: 22nd May 2017