The Rapture - art vs extinction


The Rapture - art vs extinction
29th June 2017

Gothic, erotic, taxonomic, apocalyptic, hysterical. From 5 years devouring museums, art, nature & devotion worldwide after a season in Miami she's coming home to the underground inner city warehouse fortyfivedownstairs

Moira Finucane, one of the world’s greatest performance chameleons, hailed as ‘transcendent’ by audiences across 5 continents and described by critics as ‘exquisite’, ‘the volcanic physical presence’, ‘mesmerising’, and in Australia as a ‘national treasure’, creates a her next major work; a transcendent emporium of dreams, rock no roll, angels and devils; a performance visitation from lands only glimpsed in dreams.

The Rapture is the Goddess of the Underworld, the Queen of Night. Ignited by ancient tales of good and evil, of demons, gods, and angels; by taxonomy, extinction and science, fuelled by Finucane’s training in science; by her decade’s work as a gender-in-development specialist, and years spent in galleries, museums and with devotional arts around the world. Like a snake always shedding her skin, The Rapture writhes through a visual feast of prophecy, Gothic dreams, birds of prey, soaring wings, apocalyptic fairy tales, soul-searing music and physical madness.

With the heavenly and smoky voices of beyond earth divas Mama Alto and Clare St Clare, and special guests The Rapture is a blood red, skin-shedding immersion, with a reliquary of artworks surrounding Finucane, contributed by artists across forms. ‘Mutating before your very eyes from sledgehammer to slow acting poison’, Moira Finucane has inspired critics and audience worldwide with her literary visceral creations.

‘Jaw-smacked-wide-eyed wonderment … from gentle, poetically lush scenes to an all-out blood bath!’  JJJ Radio, Australia

‘She comes to life in the full complexity of emotion, vulnerability, love and evil, often all at the same time. She creates a new world, a new essence of woman’ Mesto Zensk, Slovenia


The extraordinary Moira Finucane, head of a tribe as unclassifiable as talented, but also by her look, sometimes sharp, but full of vitality, with which she knows to describe aspects of the contemporary world.’  La Nacion, Argentina



45 Flinders Lane

29th June 2017, 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Tickets: $35.00

Ticket Price includes GST

Bookings Close: 19th June 2017