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Under the Olive Tree

- Cultural Life Series
6th November 2016

Under The Olive Tree
A Concert of Arabic and Jewish Music

Ethnic and political divisions in the Middle East can sometimes be mirrored in the local communities in Melbourne and can influence the way people perceive cultures other than their own. In greater Melbourne, there also tends to be a geographical distance between Jewish and Arab communities.

Sharing music is a great way to build bridges. “Under the Olive Tree” will offer a rare opportunity for people of Arab and Jewish backgrounds, and those of the broader Melbourne community, to come together to experience and celebrate these two cultures.

“Under the Olive Tree” is a concert performed by Jewish and Arab musicians, to be held at The Melbourne Immigration Museum on 6th November 2016. It will take listeners on a meandering journey of sound through traditional melismatic tunes to contemporary alt-Jazz with Adam Starr and Noam Sendor. The oud and the ney (Arabic flute) will underpin the afternoon, but Adi Sappir's cello and Adam's contemporary guitar offer a broader palette of sound.

Participating musicians include Lior, Adi Sappir, Raed Mekha, Adam Starr, Fadil Suna, Noemi Liba,Yuval Ashkar, Jude Pearl, Martin Franco, and Alex Elie Adicho.

This concert is the initiative of Adi Sappir – an Israeli-Australian musician - in collaboration with The Boite, the participating musicians and their communities and Melbourne’s Immigration Museum.

Two years in the planning, a wonderful line up of musicians, a culturally diverse and rich afternoon - not to be missed!


Melbourne Immigration Museum

400 Flinders Street, Melbourne

6th November 2016, 1:30pm - 4:00pm

Tickets: $33.00

Ticket Price includes GST

Bookings Close: 3rd November 2016