- Lunch with Mick Cronin

Support, training, and employment opportunities for young people at risk

- Lunch with Mick Cronin
31st August 2016

“I am passionate about the work of the project and in my time I have been lucky enough to witness the positive effect the Project has had on not just young people in trouble with the law but their family, friends and society in general” - Mick Cronin, Manager - Bridge Project

The YMCA Bridge Project provides support, training, and employment opportunities for young people at risk of being trapped in a recurring cycle of crime and imprisonment.

For the past 10 years the YMCA Bridge Project has been supporting disadvantaged young people in the Justice system to positively change their lives. With the ongoing support of businesses the YMCA Bridge Project has successfully reduced reoffending rates for its program participants from over 50% to 3%.
Since 2006 the Bridge Project has helped:
381 young people find meaningful and supportive employment
2,584 young people complete Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways in both custodial centres and the community state-wide
95 young people gain employment with YMCA ReBuild, a social enterprise facility maintenance business.

Mick Cronin is the passionate leader of the YMCA Bridge Project and has led the organisation for a number of years. Come and hear Mick explain the program and learn how it literally changes lives. In a Melbourne Forum first, Mick will also introduce a young person who has been through the program to tell us about his contact with the criminal justice system and his journey transitioning back into community life.

Make sure you don't miss this opportunity to hear first hand about his difficult life journey.


Venue: Sarti. it

6 Russell Place, Melbourne

31st August 2016, 12:30pm - 2:00pm

Tickets: $77.00

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Bookings Close: 30th August 2016