Lunch with Anne Manne

The New Culture of Narcissism

Lunch with Anne Manne
25th July 2016

Who amongst us hasn’t been charmed by a narcissist, or made the fatal error of employing one or having a relationship with one?

Anne's most recent book is the “Life of I, The New Culture of Narcissism.” The book shows the destructive elements of narcissism at work in a culture obsessed with itself. Anne grants a psycholological and cultural complexity to the phenomenon she is investigating.

If only we’d read her book we’d have saved ourselves grief. Anne explains how narcissism is defined and diagnosed and gives us a handy outline of how we might identify a narcissist in our midst. A lack of empathy and a sense of entitlement are key features of the narcissist. But the culture of narcissism has been fostered by writers like Ayn Rand - a key influence on Greenspan, neo Liberalism and selfish capitalism.

What might it mean for our country and indeed the planet when narcissists run the economy and set the policy of government?


Venue: A private dining room in the CBD

25th July 2016, 12:30pm - 2:00pm

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Bookings Close: 22nd July 2016