Members Drinks special panelists

Women in Sport?

Members Drinks special panelists
14th July 2016

WAG, Butch, Soccer Mum… Stripper?!!

In the world of sport, these are the ways in which women have been referred to, and in this panel, our insightful panelists will share their stories, thoughts, and solutions to debunk these long-entrenched ideas of women and their role in sport.  We will explore what made Brownless, 'legless', how age matters, and why heels and a skirt is the only wardrobe combination option.

A Sports Presenter, Journalist & Producer, Speaker/Consultant/Author, and Media Commentator Extraordinaire will be shepherded by a passionate advocate of sport for social good through a discussion of “insider” knowledge about being outsiders and marginalised yet formidable individuals.

Make sure you're there to join our panelists - Dr Sheila N Nguyen, Tiffany Cherry, Norah Breekveldt and Mandy Passmore as they are only coming together for one night. Hurry to secure your spot at fortyfivedownstairs in a special Members' Drinks on Thursday 14 July 2016.


Venue: fortyfive downstairs

45 Flinders Lane Melbourne 3000

14th July 2016, 5:15pm - 7:00pm

Tickets: $33.00

Ticket Price includes GST

Bookings Close: 12th July 2016