Lunch with Dr Berhan Ahmed (waiting list only)

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Lunch with Dr Berhan Ahmed (waiting list only)
25th February 2016

Refugee to tram conductor to Senior Research Fellow - a story of courage and determination, this is the story of National Finalist Australian of the Year 2009 - Dr Berhan Ahmed a leader in the African–Australian community.

Without giving away the story, at the age of 15, Berhan became a Sudanese refugee. He was fortunate to be awarded a scholarship to study in Egypt and, in 1987, came to Australia as a refugee with little English. He began working as a tram conductor and from this humble beginning he has gone on to complete his PhD in Agricultural Science and is now a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne.

Berhan has been instrumental in building bridges between the African and wider Australian communities, forging relationships with politicians, community, business leaders and philanthropic organisations. His core philosophy is that every individual deserves a fair go and a chance to make a better life.

Join a limited table of only 10 members at the Duke and learn how he shaped the future and what it means to you.


Venue: Upper Terrace at the Duke Hotel

146 Flinders Street, Melbourne

25th February 2016, 12:30pm - 2:00pm

Tickets: $50.00

Ticket Price includes GST

Bookings Close: 20th February 2016