- Members' Drinks with Nicholas Reece

Melbourne’s Radical Experiment in Democracy Pays Off!

- Members' Drinks with Nicholas Reece
19th November 2015

Did you know that Melbourne recently undertook a radical experiment in democracy?  The City Council and the University of Melbourne organised a “citizens’ jury” of 43 randomly selected Melburnians to meet over 6 weekends to decide on a 10 year financial plan for the City Council.  Could a group of everyday citizens work through the difficult policy trade-offs involved in setting a budget?  Absolutely!  They made some brave decisions and developed a sound plan that is now been being adopted by Council.

It is a profound result for anyone despairing of the state of our democracy and begs the question, what else could this model of democracy be used for? Helping governments to advance policy debates that have become “stuck”, lifting the success rate of national referendums, replacing the Senate?

Melbourne City Council is to be congratulated for opening the door to major democratic innovation in Australia. We, the people, must now push it open. Nick has stepped through this door and is inviting us to join him in discussing this “citizens’ jury” initiative, drawing on his expertise in public policy, public sector management and political science.

Nick has considerable experience in both politics and policy making, having worked as a senior adviser to an Australian Prime Minister and two Victorian Premiers. He also served as Secretary of the ALP Victoria. Nick is a director of the street newspaper The Big Issue and a director of the men’s health movement Movember.


Venue: fortyfive downstairs

45 Flinders Lane Melbourne

19th November 2015, 5:15pm - 7:00pm

Tickets: $30.00

Ticket Price includes GST

Bookings Close: 19th November 2015