The importance of the Senate and what it means to have balance of power

1st May 2015

Members' Lunch with Lyn Allison -  "Never underestimate the wisdom of Australian voters nor the importance of the Senate. Enough electors vote differently and purposefully in this most powerful parliamentary Australian house of review to ensure there are checks and balances in place to moderate the extremes of government, and to give them a few ideas!"


Formerly a teacher, Lyn Allison represented Victoria in the Australian Senate from 1996 to 2008 and was leader of the Australian Democrats from 2004.

 She chaired the Senate Environment References Committee for 7 years and presided over 10 major inquiries including those on greenhouse and water management which she initiated.  She held the education, health and environment portfolios for her party for most of those 12 years. 


She initiated and chaired an inquiry into mental health services that triggered major reforms and additional spending of around $2b.


Lyn now serves on the boards of Vision Australia, Orygen Youth Health Research, Alzheimer’s Australia Vic, Berry Street and Claremont & South Port Aged Care. 


Lyn was made Humanist of the Year in 2010 and inducted into the Victorian Honour Roll of Women in 2012.



Venue: Collins Quarter

86 Collins Street, Melbourne

1st May 2015, 12:30pm - 2:00pm

Tickets: $70.00

Ticket Price includes GST

Bookings Close: 30th June 2015