- Dr Michael Buxton

Does Melbourne have a future as a city of eight million people?

- Dr Michael Buxton
21st May 2015

"Melbourne has moved almost unnoticed into a new kind of city with needs that conventional politics cannot satisfy. Only a radical new type of government intervention which integrates fragmented institutions, ends market domination over land use and achieves long term, cross-party policy will prevent Melbourne becoming disfunctional"

                                         - Dr Michael Buxton

Dr Michael Buxton is Professor Environment and Planning with the School of Global Urban and Social Studies, RMIT University. Hehas held senior positions in four Victorian planning and environmental agencies and has contributed extensively to national and state environmental and planning policy. He led the intergovernmental process developing a new National Greenhouse Strategy between 1994-96 andwas Chairperson of the Premier’s Green Wedge Working Party which advised the government on the adoption of a legislated urban growth boundary. His research interests include urban intensification, peri-urban development and outer urban development.


Venue: Collins Quarter

86 Collins Street, Melbourne

21st May 2015, 12:30pm - 2:00pm

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