Past Events

27th April 2017

Simple action, many people, big impact!

Members Lunch with Andrew Mahar AM

Join us to hear from internationally recognised social entrepreneur Andrew Mahar…

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20th April 2017

HEALTH SERIES: Who owns your DNA?

Members Lunch with Professor Jane Kaye

DNA is now part of everyday language and shapes the way that we think about ourselves…

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20th April 2017

MF Imbibo

Madame Brussels

While our wonderful schedule of organised events is a great place to find inspiration…

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11th April 2017

Melbourne Forum Membership Renewal 2017

Membership renewal time is upon us again, and due to popular demand we have set…

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5th April 2017


Rococo Cello

Rococo Cello featuring globe-trotting cello virtuoso Li-Wei Qin   ‘…meltingly…

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31st March 2017

SPORTING INSIGHTS: Is Australia s sporting prowess in question?

Members Lunch with Adrian Anderson

Australia's sporting prowess is embedded into our national psyche but its integrity…

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27th March 2017


Risks and Opportunities of Populism with John Daley

Living with Trump, preparing for Brexit, the risks and opportunities of Populism.  Established…

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23rd March 2017

Getting God out of Government: is Australia a secular country?

Members' Lunch with Dr Meredith Doig "The principle of secularism is one…

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