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15th March 2018

The Demise of the Gatekeeper - is the Era of the Mass Media coming to a Welcome End?

Members Lunch with Jon Faine

- Members' Lunch with Jon Faine, Radio personality, 774 ABC Melbourne Known…

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14th March 2018

What�s nearly twice as fast and twice as high?��INLAND RAIL!

Members Lunch with Chris Barlow

- Members' Lunch with Chris Barlow, Non Executive Director of the ARTC (Australian…

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7th March 2018

Is Australia ready to be a winner in the 21st century?

Members Lunch with Professor Hugh Bradlow

Professor Hugh Bradlow, President at Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering…

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4th March 2018

Enter Ophelia

Cultural Life Series

Essential Theatre are a boutique theatrical team who have recently come back from…

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2nd March 2018

How can Impact investing unlock Australias private capital to solve societys most pressing challenges?

Members Lunch with Rosemary Addis

Impact investing benefits communities, social purpose organisations, entrepreneurs,…

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28th February 2018

How do we create a better Australia?

Members Lunch with Ralph Ashton

Ralph Ashton, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Australian Futures Project Ralph…

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27th February 2018

Membership Renewal 2018

Membership renewal time is upon us again, and due to popular demand we have set…

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22nd February 2018

MF Imbibo


You will find our Melbourne Forum members and guests watching the sun lower from…

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