Past Events

27th November 2017

2017 Festive Celebration combined AGM 

It has been an incredible year at the Melbourne Forum so far, and to top it off,…

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23rd November 2017

Staying Optimistic in a Dangerous and Dysfunctional World

Prof the Hon Gareth Evans AC QC

With everything that is going wrong in the world – and in the quality of Australian…

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21st November 2017

An Indigenous Voice to Parliament: a meaningful but moderate idea that won’t be abandoned

Members Lunch with Mark Leibler AC

“The council made one, single recommendation for constitutional change: that…

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16th November 2017

Cultural Life Series

Cooking with Courage

Learn to cook a traditional Sri Lankan dinner, complete with spices and a touch…

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16th November 2017

Australia’s energy transformation: reflections on the Finkel review

Members Lunch with Chloe Munro

Australia faces unprecedented challenges to maintain secure, reliable and affordable…

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15th November 2017

CEO Series

Members Lunch with Michael Wandmaker

- Members' Lunch with Michael Wandmaker, CEO Melbourne Water  Over the…

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9th November 2017

Pathways to net zero emissions

Members Lunch with Anna Skarbek

Australia needs a unified approach to drive action on climate change.  In 2009,…

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2nd November 2017

Can we build our way out of traffic congestion?

Members Lunch with John Merritt

- Members' Lunch with John Merritt, CEO VicRoads Melbourne is in the midst of…

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