Past Events

18th July 2018

Australian Aid versus Chinese Soft Power: Australia’s approach to aid and why it fails us

Members Dinner with Dr Helen Szoke AO

Dr Helen Szoke AO leads Oxfam Australia, one of the biggest and most influential…

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5th July 2018

Cultural Life Series

The Art of Magic and Illusion

Did you know that Melbourne has its very own Melbourne Magic Festival? It's now officially…

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28th June 2018

MF Imbibo

Bar Tini

When was the last time you took a casual stroll down one of Melbourne's iconic…

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26th June 2018

Show us the evidence: China’s influence operations in Australia

Members Lunch with John Fitzgerald

Australians who champion China’s growing influence in the Indo-Pacific region…

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26th June 2018

Opera behind the curtain

Members Dinner with Rodula Gaitanou 

Internationally renowned Opera Director, Rodula Gaitanou is in Melbourne directing…

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20th June 2018

Why are so many of my friends getting cancer?

Members Dinner with Professor Joe Trapani

Why are so many of my friends getting cancer? After so many decades of cancer research,…

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18th June 2018

Diversity among the Australian Muslim communities 

Members Lunch with Nail Aykan

“There are more variables in the Muslim community than there are in a Maths…

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12th June 2018

A spirited entrepreneur

Members Lunch with David Vitale

Starward whisky is more than just Australia's biggest single malt producer. Behind…

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