Why Become a Member?

The Melbourne Forum is a place for a diverse range of people to discuss social, economic, cultural, political and public policy issues of relevance to Melbourne.

The Melbourne Forum provides a welcoming, warm and open environment for the discussion of social, economic, cultural, political and public policy issues of relevance to Australia, and to our role in the world. Members of the Forum are actively interested in and engaged with our community and with ideas and opinions about shaping its future. The Forum is founded on a strong commitment to inclusion and equity and brings together a diverse cross section of Melbourne’s most influential citizens. 

What do we provide to members?

The Forum provides a comfortable and encouraging environment for members to access, connect and engage with each another. The Forum facilitates member participation through a series of presentations, talks, lunches and events throughout the year. Our functions are deliberately small (10 to 25 people) to maximise networking opportunity and to ensure there is time for all participants to voice an opinion or ask a question. Our functions are about discussion and debate, not just listening to a speaker. 

What does the Forum provide to Melbourne?

The Forum provides a platform for critical and open thinking about the future of Melbourne to occur between a diverse range of influential people. 

What is my investment to join the Melbourne Forum?

The annual membership fee is $550 including GST payable for each calendar year.  A pro rata fee is applied for members joining part way through the year.  Annual membership fees are set at a level to cover the fixed operating costs of the Forum.