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Boilermaker House
209-211 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

26th July 2018 , 5:30pm - 7:30pm

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MF Imbibo

Boilermaker House

26th July 2018

Ready to warm up with a Winter Whisky? Boilermaker House is a blues filled temple devoted to malt whisky, craft beer, cold wine and delicious cocktails.

Our July Imbibo will take you behind the mysterious wooden doors of Boilermaker House to find a rustic, sophisticated, cosy, attic.

For those amongst us that have a desire to soak up the true experience of the American beer cocktail, the Boilermaker house sell the traditional shot of whisky with a beer chaser. When the two are consumed together, new flavours are created that you wouldn't find from sipping just one.

MF Imbibo has been created purely for the purpose of meeting and talking to other members and, in the short time that these monthly events have been running, many great relationships have developed among our attendee's - particularly for guests that are interested in joining the Melbourne Forum. There is no entry fee, you just need to pay for your purchases as you go, and although bookings are not essential, it's nice to know how many people we are anticipating will attend.

So, lock the last Thursday of every month into your diary and explore the hidden treasures that Melbourne offers.

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