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Venue: The Duke
2 Russell Street Melbourne

31st October 2017 , 12:30pm - 2:00pm

$50.00 (inc. GST)

Bookings Close: 28th October 2017


Lunch with Sister Angela Ryan

31st October 2017

Some people find faith a comfort, some (especially in the current era) find it a challenge. Sister Angela Ryan has lived a long life of faith, as a Brigidine nun, a teacher, a leader in her community and as the head of the Catholic Church's Towards Healing program. She has also been involved in industrial relations and professional standards committees, and has served as a Trustee Director of superannuation funds.
Sister Angela is indeed a remarkable woman. To paraphrase Julian Mcdonald in The Australian, May 12, 2014, Sister Angela Ryan campaigned for decades to address the blight of sexual abuse by priests and religious orders. She has been the conscience for us all in this matter, but at times it would appear that she has even been punished for her courage.
How has her faith sustained her and allowed her to contribute in such diverse and impactful ways? This is a Melbourne story truly worth hearing.


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