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Berlin Bar
L2 / 16 Corrs Lane Melbourne

17th August 2017 , 5:30pm - 6:00pm

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MF Imbibo

Berlin Bar

17th August 2017

Inspired by a city once divided by an iron wall. Then reunited 46 years later. 

Our August MF Imbibo at the Berlin Bar takes you to the cold war, where the luxurious and opulent east Germany (white banquettes, crystal curtains, low lighting and throbbing beats) crashes loudly into the west - a punk mix of black steel bunk beds, 80s tabletop video games and scratchy woollen blankets, and a wall seperated family and friends.

Find the door, ring the bell, and enjoy the comradeship of other MF members and guests. Friends are welcome, some of them may even decide they like our company so much they join the Forum!  If you're not sure who you're looking for, please ask the friendly staff who will point out which group is the Melbourne Forum. 

So join us as on this journey for a laugh, conversation and a drink or two on Thursday 17th August. 


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