Meet Jed Macartney OAM, Melbourne Forum member

Melbourne Forum Newsletter

28th September 2015

Job Title:  CEO Independent Disability Services Inc.

How long have you been a MF member?  Since 2011, so 4 years now.

What made you join MF?  

I liked the concept of being informed on a variety of issues facing the community by experts in their field.  I also liked the format of intimate lunches, drinks and dinner’s as it gives more options for attendance and allows great access to the speakers.

What is the most memorable MF event and why?

A lunch with Sir Angus Houston AK DFC.  I worked for him back in my Air Force days and still consider him to be the best leader I have met.  Apart from catching up, the frankness of his comments at the lunch was fantastic and gave me a great insight into a number of issues such as the asylum seeker report he did and the investigations into both Malaysian Airlines crashes.

What issue about Melbourne are you most interested in?  

My work gives me a huge interest in community development and improving the way we help people with disabilities access the community and work.  Personally, I am very interested in human rights and our am concerned about our treatment of asylum seekers.

Have you been to a MF event where you have left feeling inspired to contribute on a personal level?  

Yes, I went to a lunch where a very impressive young lady called Maryum Chaudhry was the guest speaker.  She was clearly a leader in the Islamic community, so I approached her after the event and encouraged her to complete Leadership Victoria's Williamson Community Leadership Program, which she did.  She is now overseas doing amazing work and I hope that I helped her a little in that journey, although I am sure she would have succeeded without my help.